What is the Dream SMP?


Miley Rooper, Journalist

The Dream Smp is a Minecraft server. It was created on April 24th 2020 by Dream so he could play with his best friends GeorgeNotFound(George) and Sapnap as well as Alyssa and Callahan. Dream is the creator of the Dream SMP and studied the algorithm of youtube to grow his popularity.  Over time they started to add more people. Such as Tommyinnit, Tubbo, Wilbur, Fundy, Niki, Eret and Jack Manifold. Over time they added lore which was improved acting where they would have to improve till they got the outcome of what they needed to happen. Over time Wilbur and Tommy created a country named L’manburg.


L’manburg was Wilburs country. He was the president and Tommy was his right hand man as Vice president, but Dream was not happy that he took so much land so they went to war. Dream, George, Sapnap and Eret who betrayed L’manburg blew it up and killed them in the final control room. After the War they rebuilt L’manburg and had an election. 


The election was held between September 8th-22nd the viewers had voted for who they wanted to win. All the votes were counted and all the parties who were Coconut2020 who were Fundy and Niki, Schlatt2020 who was just Schlatt, then we had SWAG2020 who was Quackity and GeorgeNotFound and finally we had POG2020 who were Wilbur and Tommy. At first POG2020 had won with 45% but before the election Schlatt2020 and SWAG2020 had decided they would put their percentages together and they beat POG2020 by 1%. Schlatt renamed L’Manberg to Manberg, transformed it into an empire, declared himself its emperor, and banished WilburSoot and TommyInnit.

The Manberg Rebellion began. “My first decree as the president of L’manburg the EMPEROR of this GREAT country is to REVOKE the citizenship of Wilbur Soot and Tommyinnit” -Schlatt September 22, 2020


After Schlatt had banished Wilbur and Tommy they had run away and created Pogtopia which is an underground city. Tubbo and the secretary were very close to Schlatt to get information, being Tommy’s best friend who stayed in Manburg and was a spy for Pogtopia. Technoblade had joined the server and Pogtopia. Quackity had left Schlatt and joined Pogtopia as many others did as well and the Festival was held. Tubbo was killed by Technoblade and Tommy was angry. Wilbur had a plan to blow up Manburg but the button was gone and they ran back to Pogtopia to see all of the TNT  was in Pogtopia. After they were all back in Pogtopia Dream had come and said that he was teaming with Schlatt. Wilbur and Dream agreed that the war would be November 16th and Dream left.


Technoblade was very prepared for war and gave everyone gear. Wilbur was a traitor and was going to blow up L’manburg, at the time no one knew they all walked back to L’manburg and war started. Then Schlatt had a heart attack and died and they celebrated, they took back L’manburg and tubbo was the new president. Technoblade wasn’t happy and he didn’t like the government so another war was beginning and then Wilbur walked away, and no one noticed and he went into a room with a button that was connected to TNT. Philza, his canonical father, joined in telling him to stop and then Wilbur did it anyway, blowing up L’manburg and then Philza killed him. “L’Manburg, my great unfinished symphony, forever unfinished.” Wilbursoot November 16, 2020.  After he had blown up L’Manburg and was killed.


After everything happened Tubbo was still president and rebuilt L’Manburg for the third time. Tommy was Tubbos right hand man and at the time Tommy had burnt down and stole from the king who was George at the time so Tubbo having to be fair exiled Tommy onto an island where he had to start over and Dream was the only person who visited him and Dream manipulated him. After months Tommy got sick of this after the same thing happening every day dream blowing up his stuff and Tommy having to start over every day so Tommy ran away to go live with technoblade, afterwords Techno and Tommy had gone into another war and the L’Manburg was blown up for the third and final time L’Manburg has not been touched since. The final disc war happened where Dream came forward and told everyone what he had done. Dream has been locked up in the prison since then. 


This is what we know for now, but more things will happen and change. We hope there will be no more wars and we will finally live in peace.