California Drought Reaches High Levels


Megan Chan, Journalist

We are going to have to start taking shorter showers because California is in a drought. Summer might not be the amazing beautiful season we hoped for because of the decreasing amount of water.

On April 21st, the Governor of California Gavin Newsom, declared the drought an emergency in 58 counties in California but did not declare it a statewide emergency. The drought this year is predicted to cause wildfires throughout the state of California. 2019 was a flood year and we rely on that but 2020 was a dry year. 2020 set the record for hottest summer and there were many forest fires. Dry years affect the desiccation during the dry years more water evaporates. The dry, warmer winter with little rain was one of the multiple reasons for the drought. Another reason was the warm days in April and May melted the snow in the Sierra Nevada snowpack that evaporated into the soil and dirt instead of melting down into a river or reservoir. A report on April 29th, 2021 said 97.5% of California is in some sort of drought then increased .5% in a report on May 11th, 2021. About 30% of the state is in an extreme drought and other parts just may not be as extreme. Scientists are expecting another wildfire season.

Unfortunately almost every part of California is in a drought. These droughts will most likely cause wildfires and hot and dry days in the summer. Hopefully it rains in winter but because of climate change more water is evaporating causing less rain.