How much do Masks Help Against the Virus


Nikolay Nazarov, Journalist

The Covid-19 virus travels on air and dies easily, it has originated in China and continued to spread over the world. An easy solution to not get infected are masks, in case you don’t support masks, let me tell you how they are useful. Of course masks limit your breathing range and you may breath in some of your bad breath, this is a reason why some people don’t wear masks. At the beginning of the pandemic masks were very useful, since nobody had immunity, though staying at home during this phase was what most Americans did. After everyone got vaccinated and immunity started to show up, masks were less of a concern, and they in fact are, most of the virus is on its knees. 


But let’s talk about how much masks protect us, masks are a piece of fabric we put on our faces so we cannot breathe in the virus. Many celebrities get 2 masks on themself to decrease the chances of getting covid. The US Chambers of Commerce is a government organization which has requested a mask mandate, so people who hate masks have to wear them. Overall Masks actually do protect you from Covid, even though they may cause bad breath, they are still useful to ensure that Covid decreases in numbers.