Shifting Realities


Allison Dodge, Journalist

What is reality shifting? How do I shift realities? Why do people shift? These are all valid questions that will be answered soon. Shifting realities is simply shifting your consciousness from your current reality, your CR, to a different reality of your choice called your desired reality, your DR. This trend was recently picked up by Generation Z and was spread onto apps like Tiktok, Youtube, Wattpad, etc. It is 100% possible to shift, everyone can do it, but it is harder for some more than others. Everyone shifts in different ways using different methods of your choice. Shifting is completely safe and natural for people to do, you can’t get stuck there or die. When people shift they go into different worlds/realities that already exist. You can shift to your favorite TV show, book, movie, place, or basically anywhere you want.

How do you shift? Shifting your first time is difficult and can take a while. After you shift your first time, you can shift again much easier by doing the same thing you did the first time. The first thing you do to shift is pick which reality you want to go to. Keep in mind you can go to different ones at different times. After that you can create your script (which is optional). A script is something you read before you attempt to shift. You can write down what you look like, how long you want to stay in your DR, and your relationships with other people. There are many youtube videos explaining exactly what you should write down but again, you don’t have to. After your script is written, you can read over it right before your attempt to shift to refresh your memory. Finally, it would be time to shift. There are many awake and asleep methods that work, known as the staircase method, the elevator method, the raven method, so on. Once you are in your desired reality, you can leave whenever you like by using a safe word of your choice.

There are many methods on youtube and google that allow your mind to shift that are guided meditations or subliminals. You can also create your own method by doing anything in your mind that you think will shift your consciousness. One popular method many people use is the staircase method. That is where you lay down flat on your back about to go to sleep. You imagine a small room with a twisty staircase leading higher and higher. You imagine yourself walking up the stairs slowly until you reach the top in front of a door. You open the door and fall through into your desired reality. Another popular method is the elevator method. This method is very similar to the staircase method. You imagine yourself standing in the middle of an elevator slowly going up. You could be there for either a short amount of time or a long amount of time. All of a sudden the elevator doors open and you walk into a portal entering your desired reality. The last method I will be explaining is the raven method. It is where you lay down in a starfish position with your eyes closed listening to a raven method subliminal you can find on youtube. Once you are comfortable, count backwards from 100. You should be feeling symptoms of your mind leaving your CR feeling light, heavy, or tingly. You should wake up in your DR in the same starfish position you went to sleep in.

Why do people shift? People often use shifting as an escape from the world we live in now. There are so many struggles right now and people just want to get away from everything. It’s nice to be somewhere without Covid 19 where you don’t have to wear masks or social distance in order to be safe. It’s also nice to meet your favorite characters in your desired reality and learn more about them. Another reason is so you can explore your DR. Let’s say you shift to a meadow of sunflowers, you can go beyond the meadow and explore anywhere you want. You can also have more than one desired reality to have different experiences in each one. You can also pick up skills in your DR and learn things to bring back into your CR.

In conclusion, reality shifting is a really fun, natural thing humans can do. I encourage you to try shifting so you can have amazing experiences like I did. Remember that shifting isn’t dangerous and is completely possible for anyone to accomplish. If what you’re doing to try and shift isn’t working for you, you can always pick a new method or create your own. Don’t give up, the experience is worth the wait.