Rarest Dog Breeds

June 9, 2021

Rarest Dog Breeds

          There are many dog breeds that go unnoticed. You won’t find these dogs on the sidewalk on its daily walk.  For starters, all of these dog breeds have been around for quite some time, it’s just not getting talked about a ton. Some of the rarest dog breeds are:


Stabyhouns are mixed golden retrievers and pointers. Stabyhouns originally come from a region in the southeast and east of Friesland in the Netherlands. Stabyhouns are considered friendly and playful like a retriever and obedient. They are usually black and white coated, some fully one solid color. Most stabyhouns are spotted on the legs. They are placed in the top five rarest dog breeds in the world.


Swedish Vallhunds are hot-dog-shaped with short legs. They usually weigh 22 to 35 pounds. So not too large. Swedish Vallhunds usually are grey to a grey-ish brown or yellow coat color. The fur on their chest and feet are usually white. Their backs are mainly darker colored. Vallhunds are often considered intelligent and energetic.



Telomians originated in Malaysia. The American Kennel Club, a registry for purebred dogs, does not consider Telomians dog breeds. Not much information is known about them. The Telomians typically have curly tails and erect ears. Their coats are short and either yellow or brown with white on the bottom half of their bodies. Telomians are passionate and strong-willed.


Xoloitzcuintli’s are considered the rarest dog breed in the world. They are hairless dogs originating from Mexico. They are very intelligent, alert, and vigilant. Xoloitzcuintli have erect ears and some have a small amount of hair on their heads. They are favored by the Ancient Aztec civilization. The weight of Xoloitzcuintlis typically varies. They can weigh anywhere between 8 pounds to 55 pounds.



All these dogs are very uncommon and great companions. They all have different origin stories and are considered very interesting. 



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