Why Communism Fails


Ethan Shie, Journalist

     Oh sweet communism, what a wonderful topic to talk about. When you hear that word communism, what do you think? Maybe you think of greed, violence, imbalance between people, or even war crimes. Well to people living in Russia, Cuba, China, and others during the mid-20th century, it was a system that promised equality during a time of greed and mistrust between the government and its people.

     First let’s get over the basics, what even is communism? Communism is a philosophical, social, political, and economic ideology developed by a German philosopher named Karl Marx. This theory then spread across the world with the ultimate goal of everyone being paid equally for their work. During a time where industrial workers worked hard hours while their corporate overlords got all the money, a system that promised to simply put food on the table was very appealing. 

     This rise of communism happened in many countries with different ways of failing them. Let’s start with Russia, where their communist government completely collapsed. In 1922, Russia became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR. With their new communist ideas, people thought there was going to be change from the Tsar rule, sadly there wasn’t much. A low standard of living continued with most people and the government being equally as corrupt. In a communist system where money is supposed to be shared and balanced appropriately, it’s ironic that the government took all the money for themselves. Finally on December 26, 1991, two years after the Berlin Wall fell, the Soviet Union collapsed. 

     Next up is Cuba which is known for the Cuban Missile Crisis and its communist founder Fidel Castro who survived 638 assassin attempts, two not so amazing things, but where are they today? Cuba, unlike the USSR and many other communist countries, is still communist. The difference is compared to America, Russia, China, and other countries they have fallen behind. The Cuban government is terribly corrupt with massive mistreatment against their own people. Couple that with less advancements and you get a failing country. 

     Here we have two countries, one whose communism government completely collapsed and one whose communist government is still barely kicking around, so why does communism fail? Communism fails because it doesn’t allow people to work to their full potential. If you get paid the same whether the amount or quality of work, people will always do the bare minimum. Mix this with a corrupt greedy government and communism fails even harder making it almost a dictatorship. The simple answer is communism sounds great on paper but fails because of human dependence.

     I hope you liked my article, as I said from the beginning I find communism an extremely interesting topic to talk and research about. I didn’t go over other countries, China being another interesting one, but I feel like these two show how communism fails the best. Again thank you and goodbye.