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Sushi is a incredible exotic food, it has lots of variety in flavors, fish, texture, etc. Its many people new favorite food and definitely a new American favorite! But this also has many people wondering how did this delicacy find its way into America?


Americas Opening 

Sushi originated in Japan as street food, food that now can cost a $100 as street food in the 8th century. It arrives in America near the late 1960’s. It all started with the opening of Kawafuku Restaurant in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo, this restaurant was one of the first to sell such different cuisine. 

This restaurant inspired  many others to open up their own restaurants. The odd food started to gain popularity, at first the thought of eating raw fish was disgusting, but as more and more people opened up the food became a sensation! Then with the creation of the California roll it helped more shy people open up to enjoying the delicacy, as people would rather try avocado and crab than raw fish. As sushi became more and more popular by the late 1980s other places like New York and Chicago had a sushi craze of their own while they opened up many small sushi restaurant/shops. This “craze” went on until the 1990s yet many people still adore the delicious food till this day.                                                                                          

How Sushi Is Created/How To Make Sushi

To start off with sushi you will need a thick somewhat firm piece of nori/seaweed. Next you will need a fresh batch of sushi rice (you can make homemade sushi rice or go to a store and get a simple microwave packet). Next you will need your fish, almost any fish would work but for best/easiest results a softer fish such as sake (Salmon) or Unagi (Fresh Water Eel). Place your fish on top of you rice along with your desired ingredient such as avocado or carrots. To cut your fish properly cut straight down through the filet, then cut that piece in half through the center so you have a small strip that you’ve placed on the rice. Then once everything is put on top properly rollup your ingredients as shown in this picture. Finally use a sharp knife to carefully cut the roll into multiple pieces and plate with (Optional) soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi.

Other Japanese Foods

Along with sushi there are many other diverse options to appeal your meal. A example would be ramen noodles, ramen noodles is a bowl filled with delicious broth, toppings (eggs, green onion, tender soft meats), etc. Another great meal is tempura, tempura is a usually a meal that has as special batter that you would smear on vegetables, shrimp, etc and fry. Finally a desert would be mochi. Mochi is made up of mochigome, short-grain japonica glutinous rice, and sometimes uses other ingredients such as water or cornstarch. The rice is then molded into nice round ball shape sometimes filled with ice-cream and other delicious snacks.


Overall, sushi is such an amazing food and personally my favorite food out there. It has so much variety that you’ll never get bored of it and always find something new to try. Plus with multiple other Japanese snacks, Japanese food is going to be right up your alley. 


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