The Oddities of the Sea

The Oddities of the Sea

Martin Atlanov, Journalist

Did you know that some aquatic creatures out there have some secret little “perks” or are just outright cool? Here’s a few that may freak you out.

Our first animal here is called the Mantis Shrimp. The Mantis Shrimp is a carnivorous crustacean that lives in tropical waters that are commonly found near rock formations that have a hiding spot like a cave or a crevice. What makes the Mantis Shrimp special is their claws. They use their claws to club their victims to death and they do it so fast that the water around the claw creates bubbles, and the bubbles explode after the impact of the claw! They are also very colorful

The next sea creature is called the Flying fish. The Flying Fish, as stated in the name, can “fly”. They can’t actually fly but they can leap out of the water to escape predators. It is commonly found in tropical oceans and in the top layer of the water. They are commercially fished in Japan and sold in markets, and you can often find them being sold dried out as a snack. And it has a taste that resembles sardines.

The last sea creature I’m going to talk about today is the massive Whale Shark. It’s actually a shark but it has whale in its name for how big they can grow to be. And even though it’s a shark, it’s not actually carnivorous! It’s known as a filter-feeder. It opens its mouth super wide and sucks in small krill, plankton, and other tiny creatures. They’re harmless to humans and are even seen interacting with divers! They are most commonly found in the open waters of tropical oceans.