Who Was Anne Frank?

Who Was Anne Frank?

Amperly Hom, journalist

Who was Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was a 14 year old girl who was Jewish victim of the Holocaust. At the age of only 14, she was forced to hide from the Nazis who were out hunting and killing every Jew they found. Hiding in fear that they could be found or snitched on any minute and surviving off barely anything, and hiding with her sister, parents, and another family, her fame came from the diary she wrote while in hiding, she grew up to love writing and dreamed of becoming a writer. Her father published her diary years after his family was murdered and the book was translated in over 60 languages.


When did it start? It all started when the Nazis slowly started taking over Europe. Jews were hiding and scurrying, trying to run away from them as they were slowly taking over more and more of Europe. They distinguished Jews by their appearance, their hair color and their clothing. Jews wore clothing with a symbol that looked like a star. 


After running to Amsterdam, the Franks family as well as the Van Pels’ family and Fritz Pfeffer hid in an attic apartment behind Otto (Anne’s father)’s business on July 6, 1942. It wasn’t just the attic they were hiding in, houses were being searched so the families built a room about 450 square feet (42 m^2); it was a room behind a bookcase; it was located in an attic apartment behind Otto Franks’ business. There, they would stay for long, hungry, and boring days in fear that a Nazi would find them. They stayed hidden for 761 days where a brave woman by the name of Miep Gies helped them. 


The reason she and many others were called “brave” for helping Jews hide during this dark period was because they were basically rebelling. Hiding Jews would get you killed, turning Jews in would get you rewarded. Some realized how wrong it was and helped save many Jewish people. Many families were killed for helping Jews hide so finding someone loyal and brave enough to hide someone let alone a whole family was incredibly brave and kind.


Their hiding was cut short when the Nazis found them. Miep Gies and her husband had been using pluck and illegal ration cards to feed and provide supplies to the upstairs prisoners; ration cards were used as currency and were given in the beginning of the chaos. They were used to buy things and supplies like meat, sugar, canned goods, and cooking oil. The Nazis unexpectedly found them and the families were arrested immediately. Gies offered money to spare the family but did not succeed. She was only spared because the police officer who came to interrogate her was from Vienna, her birth town.


During Anne Frank’s hiding, she had been writing in her diary, she wrote her thoughts, fears, experiences, and boredom away. Miep Gies took the diary and hid it in her desk drawer after the family was taken away and sent to concentration camps. Luckily, Anne was spared from the gas chambers they were sent to but she later passed from typhus, a disease a person can get from fleas, mites, or lice. Her father was liberated and was the only surviving family member, he worked hard to finally publish the diary. Her diary is translated in over 60 languages and was shared over the world to give readers the perspective of Anne Frank and hiding during the Holocaust.


The Holocaust is one of the most tragic events to ever happen in history. It happened during World War II, millions of Jews were killed and many families were torn apart. Anne Frank died at the age of 16 after hiding for 2 years. Her, and many other survivors’ stories have been shared and the thousands who survived now live in peace. It was such a tragic and horrible event that happened, Anne Franks story and diary rose to fame because of Annes writing, she wrote her thoughts and short stories, the fear of hiding, the torture of boredom, hunger, and fear everyday and surviving until found.