A Day in the Life of a Sushi Master


Austin Lu, Journalist

It’s your typical busy morning at 8:30 am; you get ready and walk through the streets of your local city until finally, you reach your destination. It’s 9:30 am, and you have to start your preparations for the customers that will be coming in. Your daily fish comes in from the fish market in Japan, and you check if it’s right to be served to the customers. As a team, you and your staff discuss cutting the fish and making sushi; you also prepare the daily menu for today. After you finish all the prepping you need, it’s almost ready to be serving sushi to your customers, but before that, you and your staff need a break from all your hard work. 


Finally, you open shop, people have been waiting for a while, and you’re going to make sure that their time waiting was worth it. Your customers sit down; their empty stomachs crave fresh sushi. All that’s in front of you is your knife, cutting board, customers, and the fish. You start to cut away, the satisfying slice from your knife pierces through the raw fish. All chopped up and ready, you serve. The customer’s satisfaction pleases you as you cut more and more fish for them.


 As your employees pick up the customer’s plates, their stomachs lay full of sushi, and they go home satisfied from their dinner. Your job for the day is done, you say one final goodbye to your employees, and you close up shop. It was a successful day, and you hope that tomorrow will be just as good as today.