Africa’s “Deathwave”

Givanna Shqair, Journalist

             Africa’s second wave of Coronavirus hit really hard and impacted way more people than the first wave. It infected 30% more people than the first wave and data shows that about 18,273 new cases were being reported across the continent. 


           Africa is currently relying on a world wide vaccine initiative that provides free or discounted doses for lower-income countries. The supply of the doses are very limited and many people have not gotten the vaccine yet. As more vaccines become available, the goal is to vaccinate at least 20% by the end of this year. There were more than 65,000 deaths reported between mid February 2020 and the end of the year. Surprisingly, South Africa was the hardest hit, averaging 38% covid cases there. Most of the African countries haven’t gotten their vaccines yet which makes them lag behind the rest of the world.


              However, data and research comes to conclude that the second wave was way more severe and they are trying to get the vaccines to the African countries as quickly as possible. They also said in order to prevent further waves of covid 19, african leaders must double down on public health measures and make sure to work to improve their testing capacities.