Black Holes, What are they?


Mayan Lopez, Journalist/ Editor

Black Holes have been around since the beginning of time (literally), but what are they? How many of them are out there? Are they dangerous? Black Holes are basically invisible to the naked eye. They can only be seen with space telescopes with special tools. Black holes can range from as small as a grain of sand to bigger than a million suns.


There are 4 types of Black Holes: Supermassive, Stellar, Intermediate, and miniature but the most common of all is the Super massive. We do not know much about how Supermassive black holes form but we do know that they are in the center of each and every galaxy, including our own! There can be millions or possibly billions of black holes in the Milky Way itself! 


Black Holes are a region in space where the force of  gravity is so strong that light and light can’t escape! Every single black hole in our universe has a boundary called the event horizon, a place that separates space from the unknown and extremely dense and tight area of  a black hole.


A black Hole forms whenever there is a supernova. An event when a massive star goes out and collapses. During this event, the core of that star loses all of its fuels, then it becomes unstable and collapses inward due to the intense gravity crushing all of the matter, compressing the dying star to  a point where there is zero volume and there is infinite density. This point  is called a singularity.  Just like in Albert Einstein’s  approximations of General relativity


Black holes are very messy eaters. They consume everything that has a weaker gravitational force than it and they consume them very aggressively to the point where there is nothing to be consumed. Although they cannot be seen regularly, black holes can be spotted when they are pulling in gas, light, stars and other massive objects in space. If a human were to enter a black hole, they would be shredded in a process called spaghettification. It is a process when you get closer to the black hole and the gravity levels get stronger but the two fields of gravity are pulling you  like a rope in a Tug-Of-War game making you stretch out and become shredded.


Each and every galaxy has at least one supermassive black hole in the center and that area is called a Quasar. They can be seen from outside the galaxy but do not consume all of it because the galaxy is so big. Our Quasar (Sagittarius A ) is in the center of our galaxy and is consuming things as we speak! 


Thankfully there is no black hole close to the solar system so they are unable to consume us. Even though they are scary, big, aggressive and dark, they are the most fascinating things in our universe and scientists are constantly learning more about them. The more we learn about them, the more us humans will be crossing the border of our existence.