What is Coding


Chanan Poon, Writer

What is Coding


What is coding? Coding is a scripted line that tells the computer what to do. Instead of writing words we use variables and letters. Algorithm is a rule for a computer to follow. Coding is like an algorithm because the computer does what you code. 

Coding is used in computers since everything that works on the computer is made from code. Most technologies like phones, computers, ipads are all made from code. Coding is very important in our daily lives because coding gives us everyday technology. Coding also helps us make things and gives us a potential to make something new. It can help us with daily things like math or grammar.

Coding is also useful for people who need jobs. You can learn coding from the internet and get a coding job which pays pretty well. Some examples of coding are cell phones so you can call someone. In a cell phone everything is run by code. When you talk using a phone the code makes it so that the other person on the phone can hear your voice.

Another thing made by coding is computers. If you are using google on your computer and you search something up like what is coding it will use a lot of codes and find you websites that are related with what is coding. This works since coding helps it know what you want. You can also make websites with code. These websites will open whenever someone searches up the website. Like if you want to go to youtube you will have to search up youtube.com.

Coding is a very useful thing. Without coding we won’t have a lot of daily things like cell phones and computers and a lot more. I hope you now know what coding is