Warning! Ecosystem Collapse

How Invasive Species Affect Ecosystems

Warning! Ecosystem Collapse

Nihal McDermott, Journalist

Ecosystems are naturally stable, but today we will see what one invasive species can do.

In an ecosystem, you have predators and prey. They are organized into four different groups: producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, and tertiary consumers. These groups make up food webs, but what happens when you introduce a new animal or plant, a species that will be able to spread very quickly?

These species are known as invasive species. They are species that aren’t native to the certain ecosystem they are in. There are multiple ways that those species could have gotten there. They could have been brought by humans on accident, or the animals needed to find a better place to live.

These species can ravage the other animals and the land. By having no natural predators, they will multiply rapidly. This causes them to need more food, and will take that food from the other species that need it.

Not all invasive species are released unintentionally though. Some invasive species are purposely introduced to try to get rid of an already existing threat to the ecosystem. These species can kill off predators that are running rampant.

So as we can see, ecosystems need to be taken care of. If one ecosystem collapses, others will collapse with it. Make sure to spread awareness about these different threats to our ecosystem.