Disneyland is Reopening its Gates



Megan Chan, Journalist

After being closed for over a year, Disneyland is finally reopening but it will be very different than we remember . It opens April 30th but may not be completely open. They have new rules with specific rides that are going to be open. Some restaurants, shops, and rides will stay closed when the park opens.

Most rides will open but some of them won’t, along with restaurants and shops. They will limit the amount of people in the parks to about 25% of what it used to be. They will require all ages 3 or over guests to have a ticket and a reservation whereas before you only needed the ticket. They allow groups of no more than 3 households. They will only allow California residents and require proof of your residence. Meeting the characters up close like we used to isn’t happening because of the parks’ social distancing rules. Characters will wave at a distance like on the main street vehicles or near rides. California adventure is opening as well. It opened for a day in March when there was the “A Touch of Disney” event. The tickets were $75 with no rides open. The event was for guests to walk around the park enjoying the sights. There were two sit down restaurants that both required reservations to sit down. 

Disneyland is definitely going to be different. Even to just walk around the park without rides operating is fun for some. Maybe just going for  the food too. Some will come and some will stay home.