Who are the newly discovered natives that lived in the Joshua Tree NP long ago?

Who are the newly discovered natives that lived in the Joshua Tree NP long ago?

Mayan Lopez, Journalist/ Editor

Ancient natives that lived at the Joshua Tree and their life styles


Recently, people have found evidence  there were people living at the Joshua     Tree National Tree Joshua Tree National Tree  About 5 thousand years ago even though this place did not become a national park until 1994 (it was a national monument before.) But who were these people and why did they migrate to a desert where there is barely food and water? Why didn’t they stay long? The first people to migrate down to this deserted but beautiful desert were called the Pinto (pin-tow), Chemehuevi (che-meh-hu-ay-vee), and the Serrano(sir-aa-no) and the Cahuilla(co-we-a).  


When my mom first told me this witch was after our first trip to the National park, I was really surprised. 

She told me that  people  started migritaging about 5,000 years ago which was the end of the stone age. Although Back then the climate was much different and was much colder than  it is now which was why they were able to move down south without the scorching hot desert getting in their way. Their diets were: domesticated animals, fruits and vegetables, honey,fish, nuts, milk, cheez, eggs,  bread and wheat.  

At first these people were hunter gatherers and were nomadic when migrating   They started to make permanent settlements and started to make 


These people flourished the land until the arrival of the Europeans in 1769. The Europeans were the ones who named  the Joshua Tree because it reminded them of the praying Joshua.”The name Joshua tree was given by a group of Mormon settlers who crossed the Mojave Desert in the mid-19th century.”Chris clark, “How did the Joshua Tree Get its name”? 


Then over time these natives had to move out of Joshua Tree National Park..The reason they had to move out was because too many non native american people kept on coming in. Then in 1913 all of the natives were gone.  


Now the Joshua Tree National Park  is open to all people. It’s the melting pot of 3 deserts (The sonoran, Mojave, and the Colorado Desert) and is home to an amazing diversity of plants and animals including the Joshua Tree itself and the Park and is open to the public. I can imagine if I were to live in Joshua Tree National park, it would be much different living there  back then.

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