Things to Do While Stuck at Home



Francesca Bunya, Journalist

Many people are stuck at home and getting bored. Even though most people may have their electronics and family to keep them occupied, it gets boring doing the same things for a while. But while being bored at home, it’s also an opportunity to start new things or finish some old stuff you forgot about. Fore  Example: Maybe an old book that’s been sitting on your shelf for a while, some new food recipes you found online, A new card trick you want to try out with your family, ect.


First thing to most likely do when bored is to read. If reading is something you quite enjoy, this is something you could do! Snuggling up with comfy clothes and a good book in your hand. This could keep you entertained for hours. (Or at least until you finish the book).


Going outside is also an option. Being cooped up in your home for a while isn’t exactly that healthy, but going on nice walks to get some fresh air will be a good thing! Getting some fresh air will clear your mind, and will also relax you if you’ve been stressed lately. You could also hike, or go biking. Just be sure to wear a mask and keep social distancing while walking. Walking is also a good exercise for you to do, since you are inside most of the time and not getting enough exercise.


Chatting with some friends online is something that you could do. Since schools are closed and people don’t want to go out as often, talking with some friends would be exciting and a good way to catch up on things. Social interaction would be good after being inside for a while, so that way it isn’t so awkward when you go back to school. Not seeing your friends (or not interacting with them in any way) for a while could also weaken the friendship, so be sure that you aren’t drifting apart due to not interacting with each other.


Reorganizing your room is also a great way to pass the time. If your room is unorganized or things aren’t sorted into ways you want them to be in, you could reorganize them since you are inside a lot. Adding some new decorations, lights, maybe moving around furniture, ect. Making your room feel like a new room is exciting, and could possibly keep you away from boredom. (That is if you are interested in reorganizing your room).


Finally, doing any activity that you may have dropped This activity could be drawing, practicing sports, writing, cleaning, ect. Since you will have more time due to the pandemic, you can even start some things (that you can do at home) that you wanted to try, but never had the time to.


For some people, being stuck at home most of the time isn’t fun, and sometimes it can be boring. But there can also be plenty of things to distract you from boredom. The things that were listed were based off of things that are probably the most simplest to do right now. If you want to do something else, that’s fine as well. The list of things above were just suggestions if you get bored easily and are desperately trying to find something simple to do.