Who is Kendall Jenner?


Akki Kodumur, Journalist

      Kendall Nicole Jenner is the second youngest child of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. You may know her for starring on the popular reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians alongside her sisters, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kylie. The show’s final season airs on March 18, 2021.


        The start of a career. Back in 2009, in the episode “Weekend from Hell”, of  Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kendall tells her parents about her dreams of being a model. Though Kris Jenner, was a socialite with lots of connections, she revealed that she “didn’t really know anybody in the modeling industry. Finally, she found the number of  Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, and a few days later took Kendall to meet with them. In December of that same year, Kendall finished her first job for Forever 21. After Kendall’s first job she was inspired to do more and more jobs, she had been featured in Teen Vogue, Teen Prom, and Flavour Magazine, but she still had one dream that she was not going to give up on To do a modeling show for Victoria’s Secret. 

Kendall Jenner for Fendi by Andreas Rentz

        According to Harper’s Bazaar, Kris Jenner was watching a documentary and discovered that the photographer for Victoria’s Secrets was named Russel James. Being Kris Jenner, she was able to find his number and left a voicemail to call her back. “This is Russell James and I would love to meet your daughter,” said James on the phone call he made with Kris. Once meeting Kendall, James knew immediately that he wanted to work with her. Over the next few years, James shot various pictures of Kendall, which ended up being featured in Miss Vogue Australia and Kurv Magazine. In 2015 Kendall achieved her dream and appeared for Victoria’s Secret runway show and also walked for them again the next year. Kendall might seem to be living many girls’ dreams, her career has not been easy.


      For some people being famous is a dream, but what they don’t tell you is, how hard it can be. From haters to scandals the environment can be very toxic. Kendall has been in plenty of hot water with fans. In 2017, the popular brand Pepsi partnered with Kendall and released a commercial. The ad showed Kendall modeling but once seeing a passing Black Lives matter movement, feels inspired to join them while holding a can of Pepsi. . It’s not clear what the protesters are upset about, the only clues being their placards reading “peace” and “love” and “join the conversation.” But Jenner decides to join them anyway. She rips off her blonde wig, wipes away her lipstick, and joins the marchers. Jenner fist-bumps one of the protesters, before grabbing a can of Pepsi from a well-stocked ice-bucket. Then comes the ad’s climax — and perhaps the part that has caused the most tension. Jenner reaches the remarkably calm front-line of the protest. She spots an officer, walks up to him, and hands him the Pepsi. He takes a sip, a woman wearing a nose-ring and a traditional Muslim headscarf takes a photograph, and everybody cheers. The ad seemed to be saying if the Black Lives Matter Movement were led by a 21-year-old white supermodel armed with a can of fizzy soda, then maybe everyone will get along. As soon as the ad was getting a lot of negative attention, Pepsi removed the ad and apologized to Kendall and anyone they might have offended. Kendall also apologized to everyone she might have offended publicly and expressed how sorry she was on an interview on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

      Since then Kendall has had many high-end contracts with some of the world’s top fashion brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, and Estee Lauder. These contracts along with other modeling jobs were the ones that landed her the number one slot on the Forbes Highest-Paid Models list in 2018. Kendall recently got the cover of Vogue China in February 2021, and we know there are more opportunities to come her way.