Is COVID-19 Damaging People’s Mental Health?×499.jpg

Megan Chan, Journalist

For the past year we have been staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a disease that was first reported late December or 2019 . The quarantine has affected people’s mental health in so many ways. Some people have been feeling anxiety, stress, fear, or isolation. 

During the pandemic many people have been feeling increased levels of anxiety, stress, or fear. “People who may not have noticed symptoms of depression and anxiety before the quarantine may now be feeling the strain from lack of connection and lack of physical touch.” said Meegan Harp, a licensed therapist. Some are feeling stress or anxiety because of fear or isolation. 84% of students learning from home reported stress or other symptoms caused my stress. For example losing a family member or a job can also be triggering mental health issues. 82% of students going to school some days and 78% of students who go in everyday reported stress or other symptoms caused by stress. Lots of people have lost motivation. During the stay at home orders people’s jobs, school, or any other duties have been put on hold. The normal activities most people do was what was keeping them motivated. Lack of motivation could be from fear, anxiety, change of environment, not getting a reward, or just getting distracted. Being tired or having no energy is another reason why people might be losing motivation.

Before the pandemic people were spending less than 2% of their budgets on mental health help and now the need for it is increasing. The mental health services that can help are closed in 93% of countries. In person counseling or therapy is closed because of the stay at home orders and could be affecting people.

So COVID-19 and the stay at home order has affected people’s lives and mental health a lot. Maybe more than you’d think. Most mental health change is caused by fear, isolation, anxiety, or stress. It’s a difficult time for everyone and it’s hard on everyone’s mental health.,outcomes%20and%20even%20death.