Are we going to School?

Are we going to School?

Chanan Poon, Journalist


Are we going to go to school next year in person? And what has to happen for us to go to school in person next year. That is our focus for this article. Right now, during Covid 19 everyone has to quarantine. This means nobody can go to school and everyone has to go to school online. 

Joe Biden is the president of the United States and he wants to reopen school as soon as possible. To do that we will need school to be safe. During COVID 19 schools aren’t safe and there is a virus everywhere. So if we go to school everyone will need a mask and will be 6feet apart and as safe as possible. When we go back to school we will need to be very cautious and always wash our hands. If we go to school it will be a lot more dangerous. Since a lot of people are close to each other Covid can spread easier. 

It’s hard to teach during online school. It’s a lot harder to ask questions and there are also a lot of distractions. If you are in an online school, you have no one to help you but your teacher. You’ve basically lost a year of school. Most people don’t participate and if they get stuck, no one can help them. This is why we should go back to school as soon as possible.

A lot of people want to go to school in person because it’s more fun. You get to play with friends. During Covid most people don’t get to hangout with friends. Even if they do it would usually be in a call instead of playing in person. With school a lot of people can hangout during school hours and not be as alone as usual. A lot of kids are very lonely during quarantine since they don’t get to see their friends and are always very bored.

Regular school is a lot better than online school. Though online school is a lot more safe for now. There will  be a lot of requirements for us to go back to school.