4 Hiking Trails Worth Checking Out


A person hiking, from www.lonelyplanet.com

Clare Shen, Journalist/Editor

Have you ever been interested in hiking? Hiking is the activity of going for long walks, especially in the country or woods. Many people hike on trails which can be found in forests or on mountains. In this article here are 4 trails near Foster City that I think would be fun for you to check out.


The first trail is the Seal Point Park Trail in San Mateo. It isn’t a very long drive if you live in Foster City, but it depends on where you are. Seal Point Park Trail is a 1 mile long loop trail, it is good for all levels of hikers and is rated as an easy trail. The trail is used for walking, running, and bird-watching, it also offers views of the San Francisco Bay. The trail is also dog-friendly, so you can walk your dog on it.


The next two trails are located in the same place, Laurelwood Park. If you live in Foster City, the drive would be 10 to 15 minutes, but maybe more, maybe less. The trail names are Sugarloaf Hill Trail and Poison Oak Valley to Saddle Trail. 


Sugarloaf Hill Trail is a 2 mile long loop trail. It is rated as a moderate trail for hikers and has a number of activity options to explore. It is accessible year-round as well as dog-friendly, but dogs must be kept on a leash. The trail also offers many great views of the town below.


Poison Oak Valley to Saddle Trail is a 2.9 mile long loop trail that is right next to the Sugarloaf Trail. It is rated as a moderate trail for hikers as well as accessible year-round. The trail has good views, beautiful wildflowers, as well as other wildlife.


The last trail I will be talking about is the Sawyer Camp Trail. The drive would be about 15 minutes if you start in Foster City. The Sawyer Camp Trail is along the shoreline of Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir. This trail is a 11.3 mile long out and back trail, which means you go in a line and turn around at the end. It is rated as an easy and gentle trail and is good for all skill levels. This trail would be a good trail for people who want to spend time with their family while hiking, as well as accessible year-round. It is used for running, walking, cycling, and bird-watching. It also has views of the lake right next to it, as well as good activities.


To conclude, if you like hiking and want to find a trail, these ones are worth checking out. Also make sure you wear a mask during coronavirus and keep 6 feet apart if you can!