What Are The SATs

What Are The SATs

What are the SATs and are people going to take it? This year many universities across California have decided to make the SATs optional. There are many reasons for this but one reason is because many wealthier students have an unfair advantage. Razi Motalib, a junior in high school, has decided to take the SATs even though it is optional now.


Razi said he decided to take it to improve his testing skills.  Right now he is just studying for the SATs but he will be taking it next year. He thinks that this is a good idea to make this test optional because he doesn’t think standardized testing fits all students. He assumes that this will only be temporary.


There are mixed decisions about taking the test or not. He says that he knows many people who are going to take it and many people who aren’t going to. Not all schools across California have actually decided to make the SATs optional. So if you decide not to take it your college choices may be limited. 


So what are the SATs and how do you take them? The SATs are, or were, a test used to assess student’s intellectual skills to get into USA colleges. In Razi’s case in order to take it, he needs to go to a different high school and also pay a fee. The SAT is a timed test with three hours to take it. You can also spend an extra 50 minutes on the optional essay.


The pros of taking the test are that you have more college options and can improve your testing skills. The cons of taking the test is you may be very stressed when you don’t have to be. Razi says, “Unmotivating…but it will be very disappointing if I don’t get a score that I want. But if I do then it will be rewarding.” after being asked what it is like to study for the SATs. All in all, it is your opinion.