What it is like to be doing Soccer During the COVID Pandemic


Lauren Gamboa, Journalist

As you should know, the COVID pandemic has changed our lives and daily schedules. For a lot of people, it affects what sport or curricular activities they are doing. To get a better understanding of what it is like to be doing a sport during the pandemic, I interviewed Miley Rooper who plays soccer in Foster City for her team, Peninsula. 


In the start of the pandemic

In the start of the pandemic, Miley would go on a zoom call with her coach and teammates. When they are on zoom they get to do workouts and practice footwork using their own soccer ball. Sometimes, her and her teammates get to watch videos of professional soccer games and talk about it after.. Around December, Miley and her soccer team started to play at a field in San Mateo. While being able to play in person, the peninsula soccer team’s an hour and a half practices were held at different fields throughout Foster City, which includes Catamaran, Edgewater and Port Royal Park. 


The Rules

Since Miley and her team are practicing at public parks, they need to follow the standard guidelines of having to wear a mask and social distancing (staying 6 feet apart). Before their team starts practice, they need to have their hands sprayed with an antibacterial solution and get their temperature checked. It is considered safe at the temperatures 97ºF or 98ºF but if it is not, you will have to sit on the side and wait until it has lowered and if it is not going down you will have to go home. Another rule her team has to follow is that they are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands unless they are the goalie who has gloves on. For example, now they can’t do throw ins when the ball passes over the line and instead have to kick the ball. Last but not least, when Miley and her team are doing drills, they usually have to walk in specific directions so no one comes in contact and stay six feet apart at all times. 



Right now, the Peninsula soccer team is not competing for a lot of safety reasons and doesn’t plan on doing it anytime soon since COVID has gotten worse. Though Miley is playing soccer in person right now, she stated that it is very likely that her team will be going back to doing practices online. Like a lot of people, Miley does not like wearing masks and not being able to do certain things but she understands that it is very important to take safety precautions.  On the other hand, Miley is still happy that she gets the opportunity to practice soccer with her teammates and also spend time with them. 


Overall, a lot of us can all agree that this pandemic has been crazy and all of us are still trying to cope with it.  

**Peninsula soccer teams before COVID**