What’s It Like Losing Your Father to Cancer?



Alvina Baghirova, Journalist

  Mushvig Baghirov lost his father, Gabriel Baghirov to a type of stomach cancer called, Gastric Cancer. Gastric Cancer starts in the stomach then after food is chewed and swallowed, it breaks into the esophagus.  

About Gabriel Baghriov

  Gabriel Baghirov was born in Azerbaijan. He was a fun man to be around. He had a full perspective of life and was full of joy, and so kind to others. Gabriel was a big family man, in fact, his last words were “I love you kids.” He enjoyed doing handy work around his house to try and improve his home for his family and himself. Gabriel enjoyed fútbol or as most call it, soccer. He loved doing outdoor adventures. He liked kicking and visiting cool rivers close by to him. Gabriel also enjoyed playing with dominoes. He did most of his adventurous activities with his kids. Gabriel was in the Soviet Union Army. He found out he had cancer in 2017 and passed away somewhere in December in 2018 at the young age of 69. Besides from his cancer, he was a pretty healthy man. 


  My father Mushvig Baghirov was 42 years old when he lost his father, Gabriel Baghirov. Mushvig found out about Gabriel’s cancer in 2018, about 6 or 7 months before Gabriel passed away. Gabriel’s death impacted Mushvig a great deal. His death made him care more about his health and the death made him realize he shouldn’t take life for granted because you never know when your final moments, breaths, thoughts, or words are going to be. Gabriel’s death of course affects Mushvig on his day-to-day life since they were incredibly close and he has dreams about him and his dad occasionally, which bring him a sense of sadness, even after almost 2 years since his passing. Mushvig feels if Gabriel was still with us today, he would feel a better sense of comfort. Gabriel was his father who he grew up with and shared his childhood memories with. Since they had a very close relationship and bond, Mushvig believes he would feel a little safer if Gabriel was still here today. Mushvig believes his best memories with his dad is when he was a kid and they used to go to the river and play in the spring water. Also, Mushvig enjoyed hiking up different trails and mountains. If Mushvig saw Gabriel one last time he would tell him he misses him everyday, and he loves him.

  Losing someone is an extremely painful experience to go through. Many have lost loved ones to cancer but they still keep going and remember the good in their life still. Mushvig had to deal with his dad, who he had an amazing relationship with, passing.