How are Kids in Elementary School’s dealing with Online school?

Shreeya Gupta

Corona is a virus which has been spreading pretty quickly this past year. Parents and kids have to work from home and have as little human contact as possible. I was wondering what it is like for kids to experience online school, so I interviewed my brother, Rohan. Rohan is in 4th grade and he goes to Foster City Elementary School. Rohan said he has been having an overall good time in online school. 


Online school can be really stressful and you can get behind in a lot of subjects. Rohan told me that school is really hard if you don’t stay on tasks and do what the teacher says. Online school can be really stressful for little kids and to keep up with their work. Rohan had also told me that since school is online, there are less projects (that are not online) are given to them. 


Rohan also told me that kids have less motivation to exercise over online classes than in real life. Kids feel like laying in bed all day when they are at home, but at school they see their friends and get alot of motivation.