Do You Want a Pet?

Do You Want a Pet?

Nia Goulishev, Journalist

Have you ever wanted a pet but your parents say they’re too much work? Well, I’ve got a solution for you! A fish! Yeah, a fish isn’t the same as a dog or a cat, but they are still amazing pets! They only require tank cleaning every 1-2 weeks and of course feeding 1-2 times a day of fish flakes. 

I will be telling you some of the top hardy fish. That means they are easy to take care of and won’t die easily if you mess up something. That makes them the perfect starter pet for you! Some of these hardy fish include Platies, Guppies, and Mollies.

Platies are hardy, peaceful, and easy to care for. They are bright and vibrantly colored, and there are so many breeds of platies. A few breeds of platies include the panda, wagtail, twin bar, and mickey mouse platy. These are just a few, considering there are so many species of platyfish. They come in a variety of colors that can include red, orange, white, yellow/gold, blue, black, green, and brown. Platy fish average about 2 inches in size when fully grown and live for 3-5 years. Typically the females are bigger than males. How do I tell if it’s a female or male, you may ask. Well, the answer is, by their fins. Females have two round-shaped fins while males have 1 round side and a pointy fin. When starting out, you want to keep in mind that if you have both males and females, you should have a ratio of 3 females for every 1 male.

Guppies are also easy to take care of and are very peaceful. They’re very active swimmers who like swimming and moving all the time and enjoy being kept in groups. Guppies live for about up to 2 years and come in almost any color you can think of! There are approximately 300 varieties of Guppies. They come in many colors like said before and have all types of shapes and sizes of tails. Their name came from Robert John Lechmere Guppy, who first found them in 1866. 


Mollies are also easy to take care of and will be peaceful as long as you have enough space in the tank. They have a lifespan of about 5 years and can grow up to 4.5 inches. They come in various colors and also happen to be one of the most popular freshwater fish! Some fish that you can put together with Mollies include Danios, Rasbora’s, Tetra’s, and Platies!

To conclude, fish can be a great pet, and there are so many different sizes, colors, and types of fish out there. Be sure to always do research before getting a fish and research the proper equipment and care. They may not be as fun as a dog or a cat, but they still make great pets!