Inexpensive Xmas Crafts (that actually work)

Inexpensive Xmas Crafts (that actually work)

Keira Lackey, journalist

No one likes to go online, look at a craft, attempt it, only to find that it doesn’t work. I’m here to help. I’m going to tell you five Christmas crafts that actually work, that you do at your home. Lets begin.

Figure skate planters.
What’s more christmasy then figure skates? Skating is amazing, but when you outgrow your skates, instead of donating them or selling them online, save a quick buck for next time you go holiday shopping. You will need cute plants, soil, a plastic bag, skates, and paint or dye (optional). Take your old skates and paint or dye them the color you want. Next, add a plastic bag with soil inside the skates, but hidden inside. You then plant your plants inside, hopefully a christmassy plant, and voila! A figure skate planter. You can hang them up by their laces on your door outside for a cute decoration.

Screw on cap ornament.
This one is pretty self explanatory. You use a screw-on cap, old burnt out LEDs, string, hot glue, and fake dollhouse trees. Here’s how you make it. You use an old screw-on cap from a job, and then string together old burnt out LEDs. After that, take fake trees and line the bottom with them. Once you see where you want them to go, hot glue them on. Next step is to drill two small holes at the top and string some string around. Find yourself a nice tree and place the ornament on it. Then, admire it! You finished. Something you can actually use throughout the years.

Decorated wine glasses
How amazing are these? For this, you will need a black marker, paint, paint brushes, and obviously, wine glasses. First, draw one line down the middle. From the top half up, draw branches going out. After that, you will use acrylic paint to make leaves of your color choice. You can draw a bunch of little dots and then draw detail inside the dots once you’re finished. Another option is to draw snow, which then you will paint on some snow piles on some of the branches. Do not overkill, and what I mean by that is don’t add snow on every branch, or else it will look a little odd. While you wait for the top to dry, add little branches on the bottom of the wine glass, doing the same thing by adding dots and detailing. Allow them to dry, and if needed add another coat. And then, voila! Cool looking wine glasses for the season. Wine glasses look very pretty, but you can do it on any type of glass, so that you can gift it to any age friend.

Scrabble Ornament
This one is simple. You need fake snow, string, glue, and scrabble blocks. Take your scrabble blocks and glue them together, writing the words let it snow, the let on top, the it in the middle, and the snow on the bottom. Then, attach your string at the top with some glue. Next, glue fake snow on each open block, meaning a place where you can touch and the block isn’t enclosed by other blocks. And then, you are done! It’s simple, yet elegant.

And those are some cool Christmas crafts that last throughout the years, are cool to make, and actually work.