What does a Forensic Science student do in college?

What does a Forensic Science student do in college?

Lia Araneta, Journalist/Editor

What is forensic science? What is the difference between forensic science and normal science? Well, all of these questions will be answered in this article. The person I interviewed was my sister, Bianca Araneta. She is currently a junior at Penn State University. She is currently majoring in forensic science and plans to pursue it after college. 


Forensic science is the study of science applied to the law. Or the study of physical science that applies to the law. When doing forensics there’s many activities that you can do. “There are crime scene investigations, trace evidence analysis, fingerprint analysis, footwear analysis. But there are many more different things you can do.”


“In order to major in forensic science, you need to take general chemistry, organic chemistry, intro biology, physics, calculus, and bioethics. You also need to take the actual forensic science classes.”


Forensic science is not a common major. Bianca said, “I don’t personally know anyone majoring in forensic science besides the people in my forensics class.” She also added that “I’ve only met and became friends with 2 people who were majoring in it but switched majors because it was too hard.” 


This year in her class she only has 24 people. Which is a little over half of what the usual classes are. “I feel like major classes/upper-level classes are usually 40 people or more.”


I asked her if she thinks anyone can become a forensic scientist. She responded with, “Yes, with hard work and good studying habits, anyone can become a forensic scientist if they want to.”