What is Gilead’s Covid plan?


Amelia Carr-Tijerina, Journalist

A lot of people have been wondering what Gilead’s Covid plan is for the present and the future. Due to this I decided to interview Dr. Brian Carr and Dr. Monica Tijerina who are both employees at Gilead.


First, when asked about Gilead’s covid plan Dr. Brian Carr responded with “The main concern right now for covid is maintaining our new anti viral therapy, remdesivir.” Remdesivir also known as Veklury is Gilead’s new therapy that with 5-10 injections is supposed to stop the patient from getting covid. Since the need for the drug is so high Gilead’s number one priority currently is making more and making sure it is distributed properly. Another statement Dr. Brian Carr added was, “We are trying to develop an oral version of the drug since we only have an IV version currently.” An oral drug is a drug that you can take through the mouth. The last statement he made was, “We are also trying to develop more anti covid products.” This is a priority because it is good to have a variety of drugs to help incase of any people who may not be able to take the first drug.


Second, when asked what he does to help covid he replied with, “My main job during covid currently is finding a sufficient way to make sure employees are safe.” He made this statement because many lab workers at Gilead must continue their lab work in office. This makes the employees that go in, safety a priority. He added on that he also was helping produce other treatments for covid. 


Third, while interviewing Dr. Monica Tijerina, she explained her job during covid. “I acquire a key ingredient to make Veklury”. This is important because having the ingredients to Remdesivir is very important while manufacturing a drug. She also added on that, “I also work with external partners.” Gilead and companies such as Ligand, all work together in manufacturing the drug. 


In conclusion, Gilead has been working very hard to help with the new anti viral therapy as you can see through the answers of the two employees of Gilead. I think it is very important to know how hard Gilead is working.