Moving To The U.S.


Stella Shih, Journalist

Moving from a different country to the U.S can be difficult. I interviewed my father, Robert Shih, about his experiences while moving from Taiwan to America. 


Before moving, my father was working as an “associate research scientist” in Taiwan. My mother was a music teacher at an elementary school.  In the interview, he stated that he never thought he would move to the U.S. as a kid.


My father decided to move him and his family, at that time my mom and I who was only 9 months old, to the U.S. because he “applied to a very good grad school (MIT) in the U.S., and [he] got accepted.” He didn’t want to “give up that opportunity,” so they packed their bags, said goodbye to their family, and got ready for their new life ahead of them.


He “arrived in the U. S. in 2008” and “first settled in Massachusetts….After [he] graduated, we moved to California, and [he] got a job there. When first coming to the U.S., they faced struggles such as not making much money, struggles at grad school, missing family, and still warming up to the new environment. Because his family moved to the Dominican Republic while he was in high school, he knew what it was like to move to a completely different place, and he also picked up English and a bit of Spanish while living there.


Now, after having lived in the U.S. for over 10 years, he states that he loves “how much more spacious it is [in the U.S.], the air quality is better, and the weather is not so hot and humid.” compared to Taiwan.