What it’s like starting High School In a Global Pandemic


Sunniva Knox, Journalist

I have interviewed Sofie Knox about starting high school in a global pandemic. Sofie said that it was not difficult to start high school during distance learning because she didn’t need to memorize the campus or anything you would usually have to do when you start a new school. She does prefer distance learning because she has more time to herself and she can manage her time better. Sofie says 8th grade was more difficult than being a freshman because in 8th grade they like to prepare you quite a lot. She says from a scale from 1-10 high school is a 6-7 on the stress scale. She says the worst part is not even the curriculum, the worst part is not knowing anything about her classmates. I would have expected the work to be a lot harder. I am very grateful for all the preparation Bowditch has given me and I am excited for more. Lastly Sofie said that she does like high school better because it was a lot less stressful.