What is it Like to Travel During Quarantine?

What is it Like to Travel During Quarantine?

Aya Schlueter, Journalist

The corona virus has ruined a lot of vacation plans, but some people chose to go out anyway. I interviewed someone who decided to travel during quarantine, their name is Julia Montenegro. What was it like? Where did they go? Is it responsible to be traveling at this time? 

First, where did she go?

Q: “Where did you go for vacation?”

A: “We first traveled to Catalina island and then we went to Santa Barbara.”

These are maps of where these locations are. The vacation lasted for about five days.

Julia was originally going to Mexico but they were not able to.

Q: “Why did you go to those places?”

A: “We went there because we wanted to go to Mexico but we couldn’t so we still wanted to go somewhere.”

Second, what was different about going on a trip during quarantine versus normally?

Q: “What was different about traveling during a time like this?”

A: “It was definitely less crowded and more peaceful, but we had to wear masks so that was a big change.”

She was glad that there were less people there, but it was stressful to have to take all the extra precautions. At least they got more privacy.

Q: “Do you think this trip was better or worse than usual?”

A: “I think it was better because there were so few people there but we had to avoid getting corona so that was a hassle”

She said she had an overall positive experience, but there were some extra things she had to do to stay safe.


Now for the biggest question, is it your job to stay inside to not endanger people who have weaker immune systems.?

Q: “Do you think it is irresponsible to travel during quarantine?”

A: “Hmmm yes, you shouldn’t really be traveling, don’t travel out of state so you don’t spread it.”

It is important to self quarantine to protect yourself and those around you, especially people who have weakened immune systems or other medical issues.

Q: “Would you recommend traveling during coronavirus times?” 

A: “Yeah, it is really relaxing, but it is kinda risky.”

We would all enjoy a good break at a time like this, but it is important to take proper steps to be as safe as possible.

In conclusion, traveling while the coronavirus is still a threat can be relaxing because of the seclusion and just the fact that it’s a vacation, but it is important to be responsible. Don’t travel too far, and try to stay six feet apart and wear a mask.