Should You Get a Dog?


Eugene Leung, Journalist


On December 11th, I interviewed my friend Max Gan who owns a Shiba Inu for more than one and a half years. 

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world. However, to all the future dog owners, should you get a dog? Well, the answer is yes. However, there are many things you should know more about before adopting a dog or puppy. You should always be patient. There will be many times when you will be frustrated with your dog but soon you will probably respect him or her as a family member and as your friend. 

The most important things you need to know about our food, health care, and exercise. Food for dogs varies in bones, treats, and kibble. Obviously, organic brands are always the best since they are the most healthy. Seasoning in it is also really good. For your dog’s health, try to find foods that do not contain artificial flavoring. Some good brands include Blue Buffalo. Also, never give your dog chocolate because it is toxic to them and can result in significant illness. 

All dogs need exercise since most breeds are really energetic. Walking your dog is also a really fun way for you yourself to exercise too. For the best health, you should be walking your dog four to six times per day and each walk should be around twenty to forty minutes. Future dog owners who typically jog a lot should get a Shiba Inu, or Siberian Huskies If you want a dog that doesn’t need much exercise, you should get a Great Dane. 

During COVID-19, dogs would love it if you brought them to a new home. However, you will still need to go to the veterinarian to take shots. Usually, the veterinarian will call you a  week ahead of time to take the shot. The safety measures are pretty secure. You will give the veterinarian or an employee your dog and then you will wait inside the car until your friend has finished taking the shot. 

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Hopefully, this has given you a better sense of what you should expect or do when you have a dog. You should always do more research and gather supplies like beds and food before you pick up your future best friend.