What it’s Like learning how to drive

How it is emotionally


Tyce Copus, Journalist

My brother Jake has been learning how to drive. He is a Sophomore at San Mateo High School. I wanted to find out more about what happens, how it feels, and what you feel. I decided to interview him based on those criteria. Driving is one of the most important things to know because it allows you to go everywhere. He said, ”when you are driving a 3000-pound vehicle it makes you nervous thinking about what can happen.” Something else that you have to realize is that at this point driving is a secondary thing for him. He has to focus the whole week on school and work then has to take a driving lesson on the weekends. You can probably see how there might be some built-up stress.

An important part of learning how to drive is taking the Drivers ED test to make sure you know the basics. According to Jake, the Drivers ED was, “not really it was just a pain to do because it took forever.” The Drivers ED is the test that you take before you start doing your lessons to make sure that you have a basic idea of what to do. Jake also thought that even if there was no pandemic he still wouldn’t really drive which was interesting. When people learn a skill they usually would practice it. Also as a teenager, it can really help to learn how to drive so you can use it to go to school or just wherever you want to go.

“The hardest part is remembering where everything is. The stuff that you don’t use every day like window wipers and defrosters. It is not that confusing but sometimes you just forget where it is.” Stated Jake. According to Jake, these are not too hard to remember, but sometimes you just can forget where they are.  Jake also said that it makes him personally nervous when he drives down narrow streets with oncoming traffic. Jake stated that he is going to start getting used to it when he begins to drive on his own.

”Both the brakes and gas are very sensitive. Don’t just slam on the brake or gas. Also if you just calm down everything becomes a lot easier.” That is what Jake said after I asked him what he would tell someone learning how to drive. Jake really emphasized the fact that you need to be calm because when you are calm everything becomes easier. Jake told a story that on his driving test this guy ran a light in front of him and said that moment freaked him out a little, but at least it was not his first lesson. Even though we are still quarantined that does not mean it is going to stop us from doing certain things like learning how to drive.