What keeps you entertained in Quarantine?


Hayla Hashem, Journalist


How do you keep yourself entertained in quarantine?


I’ll be interviewing Megan Chan. I’ll be asking her basic stuff like how has she been keeping busy and how is she staying safe.


Q: What is the main thing keeping you through the quarantine?


A: Food and face timing my friends.


Q: Do you think your screentime has gone up in quarantine?


A: Maybe a little bit.


Q: How do you keep safe while socializing with other people?


A: I wear a mask and social distance in an open space like a park.


Q: Have you been sleeping later now that you’re in quarantine?


A: Maybe a little bit.


Q: How does it feel being in a house for the last 9 months?


A: The house feels really boring now.


Q: How does the online school feel? Would you rather be in school or stay online?


A: Online school feels fine. It’s kind of half and half because I don’t really like being online but like yeah.