California goes back in Lockdown?


Hayla Hashem, Journalist

California goes back into Lockdown?


It sure has been a crazy unexpected year with all this COVID-19 issue. Here in California, it’s getting pretty bad and all we can do about it is to stay safe. Now it has gotten slightly better but the cases have started to go up. So is California going back into lockdown?


There have actually been many cities that have gone back into lockdown. Yet, Foster City hasn’t happened but unfortunately, it might happen eventually.


The Bay Area hasn’t gone into it either. It is really skeptical. It’s a 50% chance since now the second wave has happened. So most schools aren’t obviously reopening. The vaccine is also out now too which I won’t get into detail because it’s off topic.


There is nothing much we can do about it. All we can do is if we go outside, wear a mask, and make sure to distance ourselves from others. If we want the cases to drop, we all need to help with it.