What is Your Motivation to be Productive? What Life Skills has Sports Taught You?


Vivian Shi, Journalist

Although we are currently still in quarantine, we still may be very busy. We have schoolwork and may have many additional classes outside of school, including sports. Being able to manage our time is very important. Learning life skills is also very important, which can help us as we grow. I interviewed my friend Angela, about her motivation to do things efficiently and productively. She has 5 classes outside of school, and also spends lots of time training for badminton, which has taught her many life skills.

When asked how she is able to finish all your work, and her motivation is to do it, she replies, “Since the work has to be done sooner or later, I might as well just finish it.” Angela says. She tries to not have distractions and to not be distracted, so she can finish her work faster. She also creates a checklist for all the assignments she has to complete after school, and when she is not finished, she feels guilty and somewhat stressed. Being done with her work makes her feel better about herself and gives her time to do what she wants. 

In order to control herself here use of social media and her time one her phone, she gives her phone to her dad. “My parents don’t make me but I do it anyway. When my phone is right next to me and easy to reach, it’s very tempting to use it and is a big distraction.” she says. Without her phone, it is much easier for her to finish her work and get it done more efficiently.

When Angela was asked what her motivation to push herself is, she said that it’s the way to get better. “My parents are paying so much money to train and I spend lots of time training. If I don’t give it my all, I am basically wasting my time and money.” she says. Giving it her all would also help her make faster and more improvement.

Badminton has taught Angela many life skills. The first life skill is to not be afraid to take risks, and that it is normal to fail/lose. Failing and taking risks allows her to try new shots that she learned and can benefit her in the future and allow her to win more in future games. Another life skill is adapting to different situations. While on the court, the lighting can be different or the courts may feel different from other clubs. It can be very distracting, but we must not be affected by it or else it is hard to play well. Different opponents may have different playing styles, so we must adapt and be quick to change our strategies. Another life skill is that teamwork is very important. When you play doubles, we shouldn’t be getting frustrated with each other. Even if we are, we shouldn’t show it, it can affect both of us and not allow us to play our best. It’s hard to win a point alone, and it is very important to work together to win the point. The rotation is very important and if you don’t work together, it is very hard to play well in doubles.

Even though we are only in middle school and have many more years of school to come, it is important to get our work done on time and efficiently. We may have many outside classes, which means that we are very busy. It is essential that we manage our time well, so we can finish what we have to do, but also do some things that we want to do.