Stadia Coming to the iPhone


Gautam Paranjape and Christian Louie


Stadia is a game streaming service/console like Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, etc, developed, at Google. It launched on November 19th, 2020, but in the next couple of weeks, the console will be available to the iPhone, gaining many fans and players.


Features of Stadia

However, Stadia won’t be another boring console with the same features, but instead has many other features that will make it unique from its competitors. Using Stadia, users will be able to play video games on almost any device because of upgraded streaming technology. Stadia won’t be free, though, and the only way to use it is by buying Stadia Pro. Stadia Pro will cost $9.99 a month, and each Stadia controller will cost $69.


Stadia will have over 110 globally recognized games to play after buying Stadia Pro, which means that instead of going through the painstaking process of buying a game and figuring out you don’t like it, to be able to play many different games, all on one platform. Console gaming has been decreasing in popularity now, and investors think that the unique approach to Stadia will fire up the console gaming world, again.

Stadia Coming to iPhone

During its launch, Stadia was only available for the TV, computers, and Android phones, but in the coming weeks, it will be available for the iPhone. In order to avoid the strict rules of the App Store, Stadia will run in the Safari web browser on iPhones. The release of the iPhone will open up a bunch of new opportunities for making money, and pulling in more users, as there are 130 million users for Google’s Android phones in the U.S, which compares nothing to the 193 million user base for Apple’s iPhone.



Stadia is the future of video games. You don’t need a console or PC to play video games with Stadia. Instead, you can stream them straight from google without even having to download anything. In the world of video games, this technology will be revolutionary.