Being a Senior in High School While in a Pandemic

Being a Senior in High School While in a Pandemic

Nia Goulishev, Journalist


The four years of high school are probably the most important. It’s right before college and after middle school. When asking Albena, age 17, who attends Aragon High School, what three words she would describe her senior year as she said, “stressful, busy, and overwhelming.” These three words pretty much sum up high school for most people. Between managing college applications and busy schoolwork, it can get overwhelming and stressful. It can also be time-consuming to decide what you want to do with your life and study as a future career. “Never in a million years did I imagine that my senior year would take place in a global pandemic…I never imagined a pandemic would even happen… ” said Albena. 


 Aside from COVID, high school still goes on. Eventually, COVID will be over, and everyone will be happy. Many people now realize all the things they took for granted. For instance, school, to be able to have a proper education in person, and surrounded by fellow peers. When asking Albena what her favorite part of high school in quarantine has been this year, she replied, “My favorite part is that I genuinely have so much more time at home to manage my time and do my college apps… and there’s just much more flexibility in what I do with my time.”


“My least favorite part is that I don’t get those senior experiences,” stated Albena. Examples she gave were prom, graduation, and senior snacks. Meanwhile, with COVID, Albena has had time to figure out what she would like to do in the future for her career path. A lot can change over time. Originally, she planned on studying to become a veterinarian but has now decided to study to become a lawyer. With this extra time at home, you fully get to enjoy your last year at home. Between AP classes and college applications, Albena needs to learn how to manage her time efficiently and effectively. For her, some hobbies she uses to relax or take a break include doing art. Albena has done art and taken classes for many years since she was young. She has done acrylic painting, ceramics, drawing, and oil painting. For example, one of her best pieces of ceramics to the right.

After asking Albena what advice she would have told her younger self at the beginning of the senior year, she said she would tell herself to be excited. Even though we still are in quarantine, there are still things to be excited about! Don’t let being in isolation stop you from having the best year! 

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