How do you Deal with Boredom

How do you Deal with Boredom

Gali Aseo, Journalist

Allison, How has coronavirus affected your life?


Well, it affected my life by being stuck at home all of the sudden. I barely get to see my family and friends. It also affects my life by being superstitious that I will get the virus. It’s very hard staying at home during school because learning is slower and the fact that asking questions is difficult really affects the way I do things. I’ve been needing to be way better at time management because of the strict due dates on assignments. 


Do you have any chances to get fresh air during the day?


I try to go outside at least once a day but it can be hard with schoolwork and chores. I’ve had soccer for a couple of months now, but it just recently stopped. Sometimes I go outside in the mornings and drink coffee on the balcony, but not very often. Hopefully I can get better with going outside and making fresh air a priority. I have one or two friends that I hang out with but we always keep safety precautions. 


What are some ways you deal with boredom?


I don’t do much when it comes to boredom, but I do have a couple things to do to help it. The first is scrolling through social media and watching Netflix. Over the course of quarantine I have to say that I must have finished at least 30 shows. I also have a variety of coloring books. These can be really good for destressing. They’re also time consuming so I’m not bored for a long time. It’s really hard not socializing with different people since I got used to doing so during school. Hopefully we get out of these hard times soon.