Best Gaming Mice on the Market


John Liu, Journalist, Editor

       There is a good chance that you are a gamer. If you don’t play that much and aren’t a very serious one, this article isn’t for you. However, for those of you who spend a lot of your time in video games that require a mouse, read on to discover the best ones.


       First of all, let’s discuss a generally good mouse. Any member of the Razer Deathadder series is a very solid choice. These are relatively lightweight, will last a long time, and have good ergonomics. There are both wired and wireless options, depending on what you prefer. Some similar mice are the Logitech G502 and G Pro. This type of mouse is especially good for FPS, or First Person Shooter games, though they are also extremely competent for other games. However, if you are a Minecraft player who is looking for a good PVP (Player Versus Player) mouse, do not buy any of the mice mentioned above. This is because they are not capable of certain clicking techniques such as double-clicking, butterfly clicking, and drag clicking. These three techniques are some of the most common ones among the Minecraft PVP community.


       If you are interested in a Minecraft mouse, there are still many good options available. One of the most popular ones is the Glorious model O, which also comes in a smaller size called the model O-. These two mice are often known as “the mice which can use all clicking techniques”. That statement is indeed true. Because of the specific switches that are in the Glorious model O, double-clicking is possible. Butterfly clicking requires two fingers to have space on the same button. This specific mouse has a relatively large left mouse button, which gives the necessary space. Drag clicking is a technique that requires a specific texture of the mouse button, and it also will only work on a mouse if double-clicking does. In the case of the Glorious model O, double-clicking is in fact possible and the texture is correct. Finally, jitter clicking works on almost any mice but is especially effective on this specific mouse because of the light switch. The Glorious PC company knew that most gamers besides the ones that play Minecraft strongly dislike double-clicking, so there was the bright idea to make it toggleable in the downloadable software. This ensures that the Glorious model O/O- is one of the best gaming mice for nearly any game.


       I hope this article helped you choose a gaming mouse, or at least gave you some useful information. Keep in mind that these are only by popular opinion, so your favorite mouse may not be on this list. That being said, you definitely will not regret it if you choose one of the mice mentioned above.


(The rest of the information is from various sources and people in the gaming community online.)