Who is Dixie D’Amelio?


Lauren Gamboa and Kylee Ngo, Journalists

Dixie D’amelio is a singer, actress, model and social media influencer. Her rise of fame started on the app TikTok. She was born on August 12, 2001 and raised in Norway, Connecticut but she and her family recently moved to Los Angeles, California. So far, she has 43.3 million followers on Tik Tok and over 20.8 million followers on Instagram. 

The Drama

Dixie has been recently getting into a lot of drama. In March 2020, she and her ex boyfriend ( Griffon Johnson ) broke up because he supposedly cheated on Dixie. Griffon made multiple videos on his social media accounts to clarify that he didn’t cheat but on Dixie’s social media accounts, she also made videos with evidence that he did cheat. To make matters worse, in September 2020, Griffon proceeded to make a diss track about it and decided to secretly put in Dixie’s new boyfriend’s name, which is Noah Beck. In an interview, Griffon says that she was actually cheating on him with Noah and Dixie has not replied or talked about this situation yet. 


Another problem Dixie has gotten into included her family . As most people know, Dixie’s sister is Charli D’amelio. Charli was the person who first helped their family become famous and is considered the most successful in the family. Fans were soon to suspect that Charli was the favorite child and people started to post clips from her YouTube channel showing examples that she is the least favorite. Dixie’s parents were quick to point out that they love both of their daughters equally no matter what. To conclude the problem, they uploaded a few videos to their Tik Tok account proving that they love Dixie as much as they do with Charli. 


Like mentioned above, Dixie is a singer. She released her song “Be Happy” and a remix featuring Blackbear Lil Mosey. She has also recently released a christmas song “Naughty List” that she worked on with Liam Payne. 

Dixie is also an actor. She was one of the main characters on the series “Attaway General” by Brat TV. However Dixie and many other cast members received a lot of hate saying that they can’t act, the acting ruined it. 

Dixie was also the cover of the makeup line “Morphe 2”, along with her sister Charli. She and Charli are also models/ambassadors for the clothing brand Hollister. 


Overall, Dixie D’amelio is a teen gaining recognition, and going through the ups and downs of fame. She has had many amazing experiences and opportunities, and we know there are many more to come.