Who is Joe Biden?


Amelia Carr-Tijerina, Journalist

     Who is Joe Biden you may ask? Joe Biden is many things he is, a loving husband to Jill Biden, the recent president elect, a past vice president, and most importantly ice creams biggest fan.


Joe Biden formally known as Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was born on November 20, 1942 making him 77 years old today. He was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Joe Biden’s parents are Joseph R. Biden Sr and Catherine Eugenia Finnegan. Biden is the oldest of four siblings, these siblings include: Francis W. Biden, Valerie Biden, and James Brian Biden. Joe has been married twice. First, to his former wife, Neilia Hunter Biden, and currently to Jill Biden. Neilia Hunter Biden and Joe had one child, Naomi Biden. Jill Biden and Joe had three children, Hunter Biden, Ashley Biden, and Beau Biden.


Joe Biden went to school at University of Delaware and Syracuse University Law School where he majored in History and Political Science. Little did Biden know that he would go down in history. Joe is also known for serving as the vice president between the years of 2009-2017 where he worked beside Barack Obama. Barack and Joe even got so close during their years of presidency that he posted a picture of their friendship bracelet.


This election Joe ran for president and won 20 states and won the election making him the president elect and the soon to be president. Joe has very many new plans for when he is in office. Some of these plans include being more strict about covid.  H    He is also going to work on the inequality happening during covid and how different races are more affected and have a worse mortality rate then others.


In conclusion, Joe Biden is the new president elect, a former president, and an all around caring person who loves his family and what he does.