4 Foods That Were Made On Accident



Edward Choi, Journalist

There are actually some great things that come out of accidents. New foods coming out of accidents have happened multiple times, and these foods might be ones that you love. For some of them, it’s hard to imagine life without them. Here are some foods that were made by accident.

I have to thank Frank Epperson for the popsicle. In 1905, Frank Epperson was 11 years old when he accidentally made an amazing dessert: The Popsicle. On a cold night, Frank Epperson forgot to bring his soda and his mixing stick inside, and when morning came it turned into a block of delicious ice with a handle coming out of it, and thus was born the Epsicle. You might be thinking, “You got the name wrong. It’s a popsicle.” The popsicle was originally called the epsicle, but the name was later changed to the name we know nowadays: The Popsicle.

Did you know potato chips were made by accident? Yes; It’s true. The legend of the potato chip origin story tells us that it happened like this: A customer at “Moon’s Lake House Resort” in Saratoga Springs said that his fried potatoes needed to be crispier. The chef was really annoyed and sliced them super thin, then fried them. The customer thought that they were delicious! For multiple decades after this happened, the potato chip was called the Saratoga Chip.

Ice cream cones are always good to have whether you are eating them with or without ice cream. Did you know that they were made without knowing that they would become such a huge success? The 1904 St. Louis World Fair is where the Ice Cream cone was invented. It’s origin story goes like this: There were two food vendors. One was selling waffles like pastries and the other selling cups full of ice cream. The vendor selling ice cream ran out of cups and the pastry vendor came to the rescue. The waffle vendor rolled up his waffle like pastry into a cone and the ice cream vendor put the ice cream in it, and the ice cream cone was invented. 

Chocolate chip cookies are an iconic dessert. They might have been made by mistake like the others on this list. Ruth Wakefield, the owner of “The Toll House Inn” was the inventor of the amazing chocolate chip cookie. There are different versions to this story. The first one goes like this. In 1930 Ruth Wakefield ran out of baking chocolate, therefore she tried to put “Nestle Semi-Sweet Chocolate” in her cookie because she thought they would melt. The other story goes like this. The mixer was vibrating and it knocked the “Nestle Semi-Sweet Chocolate” into the batter. She was a very good baker so they might not have been made on accident. One of the most well known foods might have been made by accident. Some things just surprise you.

In conclusion, a lot of good things come out of accidents, and this article proves it. Accidents happen and they aren’t always something you have to say sorry for. In these cases, you should be saying you’re welcome. These accidents are amazing and gave us delicious food to eat that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Thank you to these amazing people for giving us these yummy foods and treats.

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