Muslim Concentration Camps in China

Alvina Baghirova and Shreeya Gupta, Journalist

  The USA accused China about a year ago that more than a million muslims that are minorities, are in concentration camps. Concentration camps are when mainly minorites are put into small areas and are forced into labor or get executed but in the Muslim concentration camps, a lot more than labor and execution is going on. There are about 85 identified camps. 

Inside the Concentration Camps

  The concentration camps are known to be going on since April of 2017. Most of  the Muslims being detained are in the Uyghurs. The Uyghurs are Turkish-speaking Muslims that are from the Central Asian region. The camps claim they provide voluntary education and training when there is in fact proven videos and intel about what is actually going on in those camps.  Muslims are being tortured, raped, being fed pork and alcohol, (which goes against their religion), detained, interrogated, and many other things just because of their religion. It is very clear Muslims were not “re-educated,” but interned. Uighurs are arrested for no crime whatsoever and taken to the concentration camps.  In the camps, the Muslims are being forced to watch films that includes a state-appointed imam who explains “legal religious practices” and “appropiate interpretations of Islam.” Islam means to spread peace, how is it ever inappropiate to spread peace.  Uyghurs are put in very miniature, overcrowded, filthy rooms. Muslims in the camps are provided with very little portions of food. 

Interview Survivors inside Concentration Camps

  A lady named Rahima was once in a Concentration Camp in China. She told a Chinese Official Officer that they had learned she had whatsapp on her phone, a messaging service that’s effectively banned in the country. She was sent to a group called the Holocast, with an estimate of 2 million muslims detained without trial by the Chinese Government. 

  Another lady who was detained, told her story too. Of life inside the camps, she remembers being surrounded by bars and mesh wire, cameras everywhere, and brutal treatment. They made her sit on a chair for 24 hours, where she had to go to the bathroom and had no food to eat or water to drink. She also told Chinese Official Officer that if you went to the bathroom for more than 2 minutes they would hit you with an electric prod.  

  Both of them had told Chinese Official Officer that they would hit them, beat them, and shout at them to the point where people would kill themselves. But as China Undercover explores, family members of those believed to have been held in the detention camps are still waiting to be reunited with their loved ones. And the crackdown on China’s Muslim population, which has also involved the use and testing of sophisticated surveillance and artificial intelligence technologies, could have ripple effects far beyond Xinjiang.