Baking Hacks

Baking Hacks

Raneem Motalib and Lia Araneta, Journalist

Don’t have frosting for your cupcakes? Just use marshmallows. Put one marshmallow on each cupcake and allow it to melt. This not only looks like frosting but it sometimes even tastes better! Using a hand mixer and mixing ingredients in a bowl can get messy. Try using a paper plate. Use a knife or a pair of scissors to make two holes in the plate. Detach the two mixing tools then put it through the plate. Connect it back into the mixer. Hopefully, this hack will make it easier to mix.  


Don’t have a cookie-cutter? Take a washed used soda can and cut it into a circular shape. Then form the circle into what you want your cookie to look like. Bam! Now you have a cookie-cutter that not only helps the environment but also can change shape just by bending it. 


We all have those times where we mess up and forget to grease our pan. But don’t fret, you can still save the cake and enjoy it. Try to take the remainder of the cake that is not burnt or stuck to the pan. Crush it up until there are no longer bug chucks. Add frosting, then mix together. Form the dough into spheres then dip sticks in chocolate then stick it through the sphere. Let it chill then take it out of the fridge then dip the entire sphere into chocolate. Now instead of having a cake, you have cake pops. 


Do you not have a cupcake pan but still want to make cupcakes? That’s alright. Take mason jar caps and place them on a flat baking pan. After that, place your cupcake liners in the caps. They should fit perfectly. Put your cupcake batter in there. Now you have a homemade cupcake pan.  Did you know powdered sugar is just blended up cane sugar? If you need powder sugar for a recipe just blend some cane sugar!

Sometimes boxed cake mix doesn’t require milk, eggs, and oil. As weird as it sounds, you can actually use soda.



Did an eggshell fall into the bowl while cracking it? Don’t worry, just wet your finger with water and press it against the eggshell on the bottom of the bowl. It should stick to your finger and come right out.



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