What is Twitch?


Gautam Paranjape and Christian Louie


What exactly is Twitch, why is it so popular, and how do people make money from it? In this article, we’ll cover just that.


What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming service. A subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch was founded in 2011 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. Since 2011, the platform has been growing rapidly across the globe.

Valued at $5 Billion, the platform is used mostly for streaming games and has surprisingly become extremely popular. Streamers can stream them playing a game and can interact with people watching via chat. Twitch has been working on safety and has built new features such as channel suspending, and filtered chats, to keep it safe. Popular streamers have been able to use the platform as their full-time job, pulling in a lot of money.


How do Streamers make Money?

Twitch streamers make money from a few things. Streamers use advertisements, affiliate sales, sponsorships, subscriptions, and donations to make money. 


Subscriptions are how streamers make the most money. Streamers can make a subscription, and users can subscribe to your channel and pay money. The money is split up between you and Twitch.


Once you are popular on twitch, you can enroll in programs to help you monetize your channel. The first way is Twitch Affiliates. 


Once you hit a certain amount of data, you automatically become an Affiliate. Once you’re an Affiliate, you can earn money from subscriptions, and people can donate to you. Another way you can make money is through the Twitch Partner Program.


However, only the platform’s best streamers are allowed into this program. Your content has to be top-drawer, have many viewers, and stream frequently to be accepted. If you get into the program, you get tons of perks. You can make even more money from subscriptions, run advertisements on streams, and get a bunch of new features.


Copyright Concerns

Recently, Twitch released warnings to streamers about DMCA strikes. They had been playing lots of copyrighted audio on their streams, until now. Twitch is making all streamers delete VODs, which stands for “video on demand,” or a past broadcast. They also have to delete all clips with copyrighted audio. (Clips are little sections of a past broadcast that are saved by their viewers) 


Leading up to this, there has not been much communication between Twitch and their streamers. Due to this, some streamers have already gotten a punishment. Faze Cizzorz is one example. After getting banned, he went out and tweeted that he had been banned from Twitch, with no warning.


In the end, Twitch sounds like they are ready to take on these new DMCA guidelines. They are doing this by developing tools to mute VODs and clips with copyrighted audio.



To sum it all up, Twitch is a live streaming platform where you can watch almost anything and has been surprisingly popular. The platform will continue to grow and get popular in the years to come.