Bowditch’s School Musical: BOTS!

Bowditch’s School Musical: BOTS!

Julia Montenegro, Journalist

I know what you’re thinking. How are schools doing musical? Well, what if I told you it was online? Yes, you heard me; online. Many think that doing a musical online is tough, but frankly, it is simple. In this article I will be talking about how we are doing the musical online, and about the new musical BOTS!

 BOTS! Is a musical about a STEM robotics competition that teams are going to compete for a full year’s worth of funding for their team. It focuses on three different teams, The Robo Warriors, The Circuit Breakers, and the Byting Bulldogs. The Robo Warriors have won every competition and they have very high funding. The Circuit Breakers won second place last year and are trying to win this competition. The Byting Bulldogs are a new rookie team with very low funding, and a very doofy mentor. The Show opens up with the song “Gearing Up for Glory” introducing the teams and their robots. The Byting Bulldogs’ robot; Bulldog, quickly breaks down in front of the other teams and the MC’s. Then, you get to meet all the different characters apart of the Byting Bulldogs. There is Bailey, Cory, Taylor, Riley, Morgan, and Ms. Duff. Bailey is the newest on the team, so everyone underestimates her. The team tells Bailey to go and sort parts while they work on the bot. While Bailey is sorting parts and becomes friends with Shawn from their rival team, The Robo Warriors

The Bowditch Drama Department has been working non-stop trying to make the musical happen, and they did. They decided     we’re going to be doing it over Zoom. We are going to be acting out the scenes over zoom as well as recording them, and we will be submitting video recordings of us singing the songs. They will be editing all the scenes together to make it look like we are on stage just like in real life. We are going to be picking up costumes and props a couple days before we start recording the scenes. It isn’t as stressful as real life because you don’t have to be driving to the theatre and you don’t have to stay late. You can also get more homework done because you aren’t staying late. It also is easier because you don’t have to be super quiet off stage, and you can just mute yourself and turn your camera off, plus the directors edit the clips together so you’re not in the shots.

Overall, BOTS is a very fun, energetic musical about teamwork, and overcoming the status quo. It is a fairly short musical, but not too short, it has a good amount of songs and speaking parts. It is a good show for kids of all ages. If you would like to see the full show check out Bowditch’s School Musical Website and see how to pay for tickets to see the full show.

BOTS! A New Children’s Musical