Two of the most despised coaches in the MLB get hired

Why would teams want them


Tyce Copus, Journalist

Recently former Astros head coach A.J. Hinch and bench coach Alex Cora got another chance in the MLB. Hinch was hired as the Tigers manager and Cora was rehired as the Red Sox manager. Most people thought that the White Sox had made the worst decision in the offseason by hiring Tony la Russa. Keep in mind that la Russa had got 2 DUI’s before they hired him and in one case he showed the cop his ring saying do you see this ring? He had shown the cop his Hall of Fame ring. Turns out that was not the worst move so far. There was a huge outrage after the Tigers hired Hinch as their coach. Former MLB infielder Trevor Plouffe said, “I’m sitting around thinking about how dumb it is that Brad Hand (All-Star in each 2017, ‘18, ‘19) is unemployed but Hinch (suspended for the worst scandal in baseball history) is freshly employed.’’ If you don’t know what scandal he is talking about let me explain.

Back in 2017 the Astros had used a camera in centerfield to steal signs and relayed it in a little less high-tech way. A trashcan. There was an uproar from all baseball fans and especially Dodgers fans because they believed they got robbed of a World Series. The Players all got immunity for testimony well both A.J. Hinch and Jeff Luhnow got a 1-year suspension. Everyone agreed that this was a small punishment for what they did. This also doesn’t include all the other acquisitions about the Astros using buzzers at the plate. The now despised Houston Astros had memes and a target on their back. If you want this video is a fun more informational video on the whole cheating scandal: 

Back to the two coaches. They were involved in the same scandal, where Hinch was more involved. If you think there have been other scandals just like the Black Sox scandal. This is where they threw the 1919 World Series in exchange for money. Something similar happened when Pete Rose bet on the game. The thing that is similar about both of these situations is that players got banned for life from the MLB. “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and Pete Rose who should make the Hall of Fame probably will never make the Hall of Fame because of this. My point right now is that if they don’t start doing it as they used to this could happen more. You have to actually punish both teams and people for doing bad. That brings me back to my point A.J. Hinch should have been suspended for longer, he maybe should have been banned for life. If you are telling me that losing a game on purpose is worse than cheating for a whole season and stealing a world series.

In conclusion, this was a big mistake by the tigers, because you are pretty much saying “I don’t care what someone has done because they help win games.” For the Red Sox it is still a bad look but not quite as bad. I hope that Hinch and Cora will be fired and have to learn their lessons. This is a bad look for the MLB so hopefully, they learn their lesson, so in the future, they will give harsh punishments. I hope that you enjoyed this article and maybe even learned a few things.