Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update


John Liu, Journalist, Editor

        A large portion of the Minecraft community has long been waiting for a cave update. It’s finally here: The Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update!


        Firstly, what is Minecraft? Minecraft is a pixelated 3D video game in which there are endless possibilities for what you can achieve. Players can combat each other, build amazing structures, engineer cool contraptions, and so much more. Being the most played game in the entire world, Minecraft has a huge community that is constantly requesting new features. For the past year or so, the community has been demanding a cave update. In the recent Minecraft Live 2020 event, Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, has finally announced that the next update will be the Caves and Cliffs update. This will drastically improve the terrain generation of our worlds, from the heights of the soaring cliffs to the depths of the darkest caves. This article will explain the new features of 1.17.


        The first feature, as mentioned before, is a new mountain generation. The mountains of the older versions of Minecraft are slightly plain and boring. This will no longer be true in 1.17, as there will be more extreme mountains. This will make them so much prettier and immensely more realistic. The monstrosities will also make great places to make bases, as players will be able to integrate the huge rock faces into the walls of our homes. A new animal will also be added to the mountain biomes: the mountain goat. They are cute but don’t let that fool you. They are capable of jumping extremely high and ramming other animals, such as cows and sheep, off of cliffs. Overall, this is a very welcome change.


        In conjunction with the mountain change, cave generation will also be changed up a lot to have more variety, and in general, a cooler cave exploring experience. One of the new cave types is mega caves. These are essentially humongous caverns with many natural resources like iron, coal, diamonds, and even the new ore that is coming in this update: copper, but more on that later. Another new cave type that was revealed is the lush caves. These are caves with much greenery, including dropping vines, bushes, ponds with lily pads, as well as a new glowing berry. Back to the new copper ore; this new resource will be insanely useful. One of the items that can be crafted using copper is the lightning rod. Minecraft players often have buildings made out of wood. When lightning strikes, their houses can burn down. This leads to a waste of lots of resources, work, and time. With the lightning rod, this will no longer be an issue as the lightning will hit the rod instead of the building. Players welcome this change. Another use for copper is the telescope. Before the new update, the only way to zoom in to see farther in Minecraft was with the use of external mods, such as OptiFine. The telescope will allow players to look farther without using mods. (A mod is short for modification, which is software that changes the game slightly.)


        With the new cave generation will come crystal geodes. These rare underground spheres will come with another new resource: amethyst. Amethyst crystals will only grow inside of the geodes, so players will have to visit them often. The amethyst blocks, which the crystal clusters grow on, can not be mined and brought somewhere else. The telescope that was mentioned earlier will also require amethyst crystals to be crafted. Another use of the crystals will be tinted glass. The old glass that we had before the update could be colored, but it still let in lots of light. The new tinted glass lets in no light, but we can still see through it. This is useful if a player wants to be able to see into a room, but they want to maintain the dark atmosphere inside. More crafting recipes for these crystals will be added soon. Along the edges of the geodes, there will be two new rock types: Tuff and calcite. Minecraft builders will be overjoyed to use these blocks in their buildings, as they go along well with other blocks such as diorite and basalt. 


        Besides the mountain goats, there will be more new mobs added. One of them is the axolotl. It is cool that Minecraft is giving more exposure to the axolotl because, in real life, they are endangered. Axolotls in Minecraft will be able to be picked up in a bucket of water, and once released again, they will fight bad ocean creatures alongside the player. They also have the ability to play dead so that they don’t get killed. They can even heal themselves and the player that’s beside them. Axolotls have been called the cutest predator you’ll ever meet.


When the final release comes out, there are many other new features that are going to be added. The 1.17 update is one of the biggest that has ever come to Minecraft. You should be very excited for the official release, as it will greatly enhance your Minecraft gaming experience.




Minecraft Live 2020 Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWZIfsaIgtE&ab_channel=Minecraft